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Connection established with CROWLEY
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-Blake makes a deal with Crowley
-Crowley and Blake are the leaders of rival gangs.
-Blake and Crowley as buddy cops.
-Blake and Crowley pretend to be in a relationship for the purpose of an undercover mission.

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It's mere weeks of sobriety before Crowley finds himself falling back into it. Being sober of body and sober of mind are two different things and while the Winchesters may have cleaned him out, he's still got an itch under his skin calling for blood.

It's another four days before he gives in, ripping off a blood bank himself and checking into a hotel room where he presses the needle to his own vein. He should have done all of this alone to begin with. He should know by now that he can't trust anyone.

He lies in bed, watching Romeo + Juliette and flipping back and forth between tearing up and yelling at Baz Luhrmann when his mind starts to wander to Cas. This stupid story always reminds him of them, even if he doesn't think Cas is aware of just what had been running through Crowley's head during their partnership.

"You always were a clueless bastard." He's speaking to Cas and though he means to be speaking out loud in the abstract, it somehow translates into a prayer. Maybe it's all the human blood. His words are certainly a little slurred.

"Hopeless and faithless and--and you don't understand anything, you know that?"
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Crowley possesses a lot of power that can potentially come into play that I will always discuss with all involved players for each specific instance, such as telekinesis, pyrokinesis, above-human physical strength and endurance and the ability to possess a human body. He also knows some witchcraft and magical eavesdropping and remote harming of others are things that have been shown in canon to be within his capabilities, though again these are things that I will always check for each specific instance if it comes up.

He can also strike demon deals, which allow him to trade something quite impressive for someone's soul (or something else in the case of being in a setting where he can't exactly access Hell). This can involve creating power or making a great change and anything involving this will be hashed out with all involved players when/if it happens.

The one thing I want blanket permissions on is whether or not he can tell that non-human or altered human character are not entirely human. In the case of completely 100% normal humans, there's no need to answer this, but for any character who may be nonhuman or touched by magic or some supernatural force that he might notice, please let me know if Crowley can tell that they aren't human and whether or not he can tell what they are.

Thank you!
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Crowley narrowly escapes with his life, feelings still askew and blood still on his clothes, but he is out and with luck the Winchesters won't find him. Once he gets clothes, he decides that laying low is his best option. He's still got places only he knows about. He can hide from them and Abaddon and anyone else.

It's by chance that he spots Castiel not far from the small town where house number four resides, wandering down the street like a little street urchin.

Against his better judgment, he pulls over immediately ahead of Castiel and jumps out of the car. He'd heard Dean praying to him. He knows that Cas isn't answering the phone.

"Where have you been in all of this?"